Sell Us Your Cards!


We actively Buy Collections!

King Slayer Cards is always looking to purchase inventory, and the process is very simple!

Online Customers:
Please email us at with either a spreadsheet or High Resolution Pictures and we will get back to you within 48hrs with a quote.

Local Customers:
We are open Tuesday - Sunday 4pm - 10pm, bring your collection in and we will get you a quote right then and there.

1) How do you price and evaluate cards? 
Answer: We use as a reference, and offer between 50-60% based on condition, demand, and game of the card.

2) When can I expect payment?
Answer: As soon as we physically have the cards and they are in the correct condition and quantity.  Please ship with tracking so both parties can verify delivery.  We issue PayPal, Cash App, or Zelle after delivery.

3) What games do you buy?
Answer: We currently buy every game, whether it is discontinued or not.

All other questions please direct to